Saturday, August 8, 2009

What a Great Shrimp Festival Weekend!!!!!!!

Saturday's Shrimp Festival was a success for me!!!! I had a fabulous day!!!! I met some of the greatest folks and sold a bunch of my creations!!!!! The weather was fabulous, 92 degrees a little warm, but lower humidity than usual, nice breeze with sunshine and carolina blue skies all day long!!! I had one customer who even gave me a beautiful rose!!!!

I fenced in all of the plate flowers and totems to give an idea of what they can look like in a garden. I was pretty sure no one around here had ever seen anything like them. I really loved everything I put out, but when I got to see them all together in the sunshine I fell in love all over again. The pictures indoors did not do them justice so I took individual pictures of each! I won't post them all but you can check them out if you like. Some I have posted before but some I have not. Just click on any one of the pictures to go to my album and check them out!

After I set up for the day I took some pictures and had a little visitor...Check the pictures out!!! I realized when I saw it that My creations are nothing like the creations of our Creator!!! This little guy was a work of real art!!!! Thank you Lord for all of your creations and for this blessed day!!!!!

Remember ...Click on the picture to see more!


  1. All the totems, plate flowers and other creations look wonderful.

  2. Love all your creations. I bet you hated to part with any of them. Glad you had a successful day.

  3. Absolutely fantastic!

  4. They all look awesome! They do look beautiful in the sunshine. Everything looks so much prettier out in the garden!!!!! I am glad your sale was a success!!!!!!