Sunday, June 28, 2009


I think I am turning into a glass-a-holic! I took advice from a friend on my GardenWeb forum and picked Monday as the day to go to the Sally Ally and Good Will.....The results were staggering! I mean I had to stagger out with all the stuff I found. I have a new friend who works at the Sally Ally and she emailed that she had a bowling ball if I wanted to stop over and get it. I have a lot to do with the fourth just around the corner and said what the heck...Its Monday...Yardsale leftovers...lets see.....Well see for your self...It didn't stop there I went to 3 other Thrifty's as well. My greatest finds were the Green Glass Lamps! Can't wait to take them apart and well you know..... Sadly though I could find no red glass, but, I did get cobalt bottles for the bottle tree I haven't made yet. Add this to what I have already collected and I have a lot to keep me busy. I should have lots to post after the weekend, so TTFN.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mom Recycles Sea Shells

On Fathers Day while I was visiting my parents I realized that I am my mothers daughter..good thing....She also Recycles found objects. Since my Mom and Dad moved to the coast my mother has collected shells. On day someone gave her a gift of a painted Shell and the Obsession uh shell know what I mean...I thought I would share them with you in this slide show. Here is the first slide of the Shell she received as a gift that started her inspirationInspiration Shell2prior to this she had never painted, keep that in mind. It is really quite amazing. Unfortunately, shortly after the sweet lady who gave her the shell and taught her to paint the shells, she herself had a stroke and could no longer do what she loved. Mom says she still has a basket full of shells to paint and she will paint every one. With each she gets better and better, Here are the shells she has already painted! I am so proud of her. (Love you Mom!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Spent my morning at the beach...

It was lovely! 4 mile walk and wade, a little swim and Very few people around as you will see in the photos up and down the beach, this is why we call this our little piece of paradise. Of course the beaches do get a little congested on weekends and holidays but for the most part mornings are for the locals, and oh how beautifule they are.

Hard to believe that I can find so much pleasure in my junk gardening and also the same amount of pleasure taking in the beauty of Gods Sea and Sand. Kinda makes you stand up and take notice. I beliebe that we junk gardeners enhance the beauties God has given us for free by bringing peoples attention to those wonders through our "Junk" It is then that they begin to see why it is we do what we do and how we can enjoy it so! Have a wonderful day everyone, I am off to run errands, pick up some babies for my tipsies and back into the garden I go! See ya later!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lady Bugs are Done!!!!

I will have to say that they were a little more than just work. Getting them cut in half was the hardest part. My painting skills were not the greatest either. LOL All in all I don't think they turned out half bad.....I think they are soooo cute! I will display them in my yard all together in a bunch. I think that will look the greatest. I already have ideas for the next bunch. What do you think!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Glass Garden Totems and Solar Lamp

I saw these on the Garden Junk Forum shortly after I joined the Garden Web.   They looked pretty cool so I thought why not try to find some glass and make one, so since it is raining and I can't go to the beach today I put my thinking cap on and went to work.  My brain went on over drive though I have to admit I only made 2 but I also made the kewlest Solar Lamp with a most gorgeous red Vase.  Enjoy, I think I will be adding to this album soon!

Monday, June 15, 2009

All In A Day....

I played in my gardens today moved somethings added somethings. I get lost out there. This is very addicting. I haven't even been to the beach with my best friend who is here from England! What kind of person am I. Tomorrow is a different story, We'll have Tea and then head to the Sea! Sun, Sand, Walks, Shells and Conversation. It almost sounds as much fun as Junk Gardening......Hey maybe I will find something to add to the scenery

Friday, June 12, 2009

Once upon a Chandelier there was a Chandy!

My Chandy as I found her:

After a little satin black paint....

After Dark................................................................

Now I know she works so I have to find her a hang out, I really like how she came out. Here I go again! Looking for More Junk to repurpose!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Iron Headboard Garden

I so love this Iron Headboard and would never think of adding it to my fence for the Rose garden, So I have given it its own little garden and I can enjoy it every morning as I have my coffee. I found her in a friends shed and she gave it to me. She had gotten it to do just what I have done and never got around to it. I am so glad she didn't. I will probably paint it next year but I sort of like the rust showing through.

My Froggy Side Garden

I am finally happy with this garden. I will probably add a few things but I think I am happy with the plants. I would like some suculents in the two pottery pieces but I will have to wait until I find some. All in all I love it!

New Found Junk

I am turning into a garden monster, I went rummaging through my storage and here is some of what I came out with, the only reason I stopped was the rain, I got drenched unloading. I can hardly wait to get started......Got any Ideas? Please let me know!!!!

5 foot Iron room divider in the back
Starfish, Plates, Lamp, Christmas Candlesticks,
Mirror, Ceramic Basket, Tiny Carousel horses,
Wooden Flip Flops, 6 pack of small Washboards,
Small and Large Grill mates, 2 Windows, Red Basket
Sea Shell, 3 Glass Ceiling Light Shades, Mirror, an old Kerosene Stove and
Some kind of hanging Shelf. I also have an Ironing Board & a
Footed Serving Bowl not in the picture.
I have some Ideas but I would love for you to share yours.

Tipsy Pots all in one spot!

Though I would add a section on Tipsy Pots so they would all be together, I am addicted to them, I make them as gifts and I keep adding them to my gardens.....Now I am making hanging Just have to get these little pretties planted and find them a home!

Friday, June 5, 2009

More Garden Chairs

Love to make these and I will probably keep making them until I run out of ideas.

Click here to view these pictures larger

Enamelware Fountains

Click here to view these pictures larger

My Garden Chairs

I have been making these chairs for the last 5 years and have enjoyed doing so. These are some examples of past chairs I have made. I hope you get some good ideas. there are no chairs with missing seats left in Eastern Carolina.....I scoped them out and scooped them all up and painted them! Rocking Chairs are the hardest to find. I will add others as I have time to. Click the Pic to see more!

Click here to view these pictures larger

Work in Progress

Okay I have been inspired by the friends from Garden Web..Garden Junk..You have all been great and if you are willing to put up with me I guess I can tolerate you all! LOL I am so very pleased to meet all of you and I hope you will enjoy and be inspired by my attempts at Junk Gardening! Here is what we have so far!

The porch just after we finished it............

And as it looks today.........................................................

I literally just took these this morning!

Here are some details.....Please excuse the mess my sweeper is off today!

That's Emma, My Grand Daughter.........
Gardener to be
She's unable to be
here today, she's working.

She will be here from time to time, she is after all Grammy's Girl! LOL

This is the seating area:

Pier One Wicker seating: 2nd hand trade for two old rockers
Cocktail table: Top is three leaves from an old round table;
frame is salvaged from a demolition.
Tea Cart yard sale $2, missing back wheels....(propped up).
You get the idea.Oh and on the tea cart.....My very own creation:

A water fountain:
Vintage Faucets from a demolition
Vintage Enamelware collected over the years
Vintage wood cabinet built by my husband
from scrap wood used in our home for ceilings
(found in the attic)

Close up View!

I crafted this in 2002 and about 20 others
for a craft fair, None sold so I gave them to family
relay for Life auctions, but I kept this one for my
self along with one other. This is my favorite, Titled: "Old Kitchen in a Swirl".

The view from the porch is a highway...

So I am trying to create gardens that distracts your eye from the speedway out there. Here is one that I have started and it continues to grow and mature. But, I keep adding hidden little surprises to find when you explore them. the garden in the background is just such a garden.

This garden is my favorite, I have moved the Tipsy Pots from Last year and changed it up a little. I will continue to move and add to it until it is what I want. But for now here are the details: Nestled under two of three white Dogwood Trees bordered by my antique Metal Head and foot board Fence, Is my Bicycle Garden and Bench and finished off with a small garden featuring a Water Pump (from Harbor Freight). Plants included, Portulaca, Swedish Ivy, Sedums, Purple Heart, Black Scallop, Bees Nest, Verigated Bougainvillea, and Blue Fan Flower. I will certainly be adding plants to my bicycle as well just working on a plan.......

Check back later ! I will post more of the porch and the other beds I have completed in the coming days! God Bless!

Do let me know what you think! I appreciate your input and ideas!