Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th Annual Hampstead Classy Chassis Car Show and Flea Market

In order to keep the peace in our house I also like to go with Hubby to local and not so local car shows. This was our first visit to this show. On the way there needed to waste some time so we stopped in at a few yard sales and thrift stores. and to top it all off there was a Flea Market / Craft Section of the Car show...I was in Hog Heaven, met some really nice folks and saw some really kewl cars. It was a beautiful day on the grounds of the Poplar Grove Plantation, lots of Live oaks at least 100 yrs old shading almost the whole show. this is a picture of some of the goodies we found on the way and while we were there. By the Way...Hello to Val and Sanddee!!! Two great ladies I met at the show today!!! Hope to see you soon!

CAR SHOW.......... Only got a few pics of cars but this one I thought was pretty awesome. I like to make something from nothing well someone else does too, this car is a GEO converted with a kit to look like a 1957 Chevy. Tooo Cute......I thought anyway. I wanted to share it with you all. the nothing...the GEO the something the 1957 chevy...LOL

There were some great vendors and artists but one really stuck out to me and he built things out of matchsticks......Unreal! Everyone was amazed at his creations! Just look at some of his creations.....He even counts a the matchsticks and records how many it took...You to will be impressed.
I would like to share the rest of my photos from the show and our yardsale finds! So check these out!!!!

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