Sunday, July 12, 2009

Totem, Birdbath, and ????

This is the nightmare red totem that has fallen twice broken glass each time and then put it back together again. I got in a hurry and wanted to move it somewhere where it wouldn't be disturbed, Oh well it is finished, I am soooo happy about that! This is what used to be a red wine bottle and a humming bird feeder, I slipped it over the neck of the bottle glued into place and I plan to add a plate on the bottom when I find the right one and add crystals then hang it in one of my trees. It is a work in progress.

All Three.......
This is a birdbath for my new friend Toni, She had the bowl and asked me to make her a birdbath, I hope she will be happy with what I came up with. The plate under this is a glass microwave turntable I will probably replace it with a ceramic plate, the plate is usually not seen as it provides ballast for the birdbath, it is covered with dirt and/or mulch to help balance the piece. This will make a great statement inher garden! I love it!!!!


  1. Wonderful work on your new creations! I love how you used the pieces of glass(-: The bird bath will make a statement in your friends garden! It looks fabulous!

  2. Love the totems. Very creative.